Death Of Over 180,000 Russian Soldiers Officially Confirmed April 12th 2023

The sheer level of death of destruction in the war is on a scale no one thought.

Russian soldiers have now at least in Ukraine alone lost 180,000 as of today:

More confirming the official numbers here:

That does not even take into account the catastrophic isolation and damage to Russia worldwide, hugely reduced missiles and tanks and equipment numbers and shrinking internal economy and dwindling oil, gas and nuclear funding sources of war.

Hopefully the war will be over soon and sense will prevail when the occupiers go home to save as many lives as possible turn on the lights amen.

The political global death and destruction of Russia in all countries is so severe now it is shocking that the war is still going on as Russia will not be the same for some years after this. The sooner they leave the better for all concerned, without question and doubt.