America Calmly Play Down Overrated Leaked NATO Military Documents

America continues to easily be a world leader on the international stage in security and stopping wars (nowadays) by assisting smaller countries.

The big news on military plans leaks in the war in Ukraine not as big a story in fact as most thought:

More here:

The fact remains that more weapons, US personnel and troops from NATO are going into Ukraine by the day and hour now.

More and more businessmen such as Richard Branson and many others going there, not just politically motivated either.

Things are quieting down now and Russia can see the continued loss of revenues to its country worldwide and political cut off soon more from the UN, enfolding.

As they inevitably start to go back to Russia and stop the war.

Ukraine are getting more trained soldiers too coming back from other nations like the UK and many more.

With brand new military support from Canada this week too in defense only.