Of Course Current Snake False Prophet Jesuit Pope Still Alive (He Is Mentioned In Revelation 19:19-20) God Will Keep Him Alive For Another 7 or 8 Years At Least For Prophecy Purposes During The Tribulation and Worst Time In The World’s History Before Christ Jesus Returns – Jorge Mario Bergoglio Pictured With A Baby Squirming To Get Away From His Evil Hands In Hospital

The Argentinian current Jesuit false prophet pope is more despised by God and God’s people than any other human being alive today.

He joked he’s alive:


You make us sick. See you pal, God is going to deal with you per:

Revelation 19:19-20

You twisted old man, you’re going to get hammered in due course by God per the end of the Book of Revelation. God and his people despise you.

Yeah for now your alive, then almighty God deals with you, you clown. God’s will cannot be stopped by no man on Earth. Fact. That’s true.

Yeah, when the rapture happens you’ll have your little party with your piece of dog crap.

That False Prophet Pope Jesuit in Rome can have his little few days in the sunshine but this says it all the child squirming away from the evil Argentinian getting baptized:


The Argentina man makes us sick.

How he is not back in Argentina and is still in Rome makes us sick.

He is the False Prophet In The Book of Revelation at the end of days.

Of course he will live a little while longer.

Evil piece of work that he is.

Serpent old goon has no say in the world.

He is no ruler.

Rulers rule.