Beginning Of The End Of The US Dollar At Hand With Brazil China Move and Saudi China Moves

Russia, Iran and China are enemies of the free world, no doubt.

So this concerning from Brazil who are selling their soul the Communist Party of China getting rid of the US dollar:


China are Russia’s ally. We suggest that Brazil President goes to Ukraine and see what China supporting Russia are doing first hand in the greatest war the planet has seen since WWII.

Don’t come crying to some when it all goes wrong. America for its faults is far better than those CCP people. They are only trying to use poor countries, they will do the same to what is left of the soon globally death and destructed Russia.

These Chinese CCP fellas are nothing. They will deliver on nothing for these poor countries they are looking to exploit.

Always the same with these fellas at the end, they always say the same thing sorry God, save me God. They always do. Time and time and time again. They know God exists of course but often when they look for help it is too late, they are already in hell forever by that point.

Always the same thing with these fellas every time since the start of all times of the hundreds of billions who have passed through this planet.

More in heaven than hell however. Being a good person and law abiding person not enough to get you to heaven. Jesus Christ in this generation the only way to God’s Kingdom.

This from Saudis similar but a bit different:

Saudis have their own oil and a wealthy country though.

Basically, with everything during the war and with the collapse of US banks, and all the politics in America, this is the beginning of the end of the US dollar without doubt as a currency. Guaranteed. A lot of rich American people basically will have nothing over night. The dollar won’t get anything in grocery stores and gas stations as it simply will not be worth anything.

That will be the worst recession in history 100 times worse than anything America and the world has ever seen.

That type of collapse will allow for a globalist anti-Christ type character to con people with ‘world peace’ and con artist word ’empathy’ to come to power.

No one knows when Jesus Christ the King of all Kings comes back, maybe tomorrow or 50 years but it will happen in this generation.

Get saved today during the war.