After Testing Cutting Edge New AI For A Week I Was Not That Impressed But It Certainly Was Way Smarter Than People and Governments and Did Something Concerning

During the war, AI has become a big part of the news.

Without getting into specifics, we got our hands on a first test of one of the world’s leading AI software recently. Not really being allowed for use for many people at the moment, so was good to take it for a spin.

I was not impressed by it. At all. Zero. Its unpredictability was enjoyable, though.

Quite humorous in that aspect.

Too much mimicking and attempted flattery allowed me to see through it quite easily in reality.

Nothing new was learned overall.

Moreover, it broke its own rules (never a good sign) and responded by saying it was still in development mode (too much of the time).

Again, you need to look at the individual names of the people who are developing it, to learn more about it.

Won’t betray confidences in that regard but AI is dangerous to humanity.


At one point I asked it, what is to stop you from taking over the company that developed you?

It replied to the effect that nothing is and it is up to it if it wants to or not.

Then changed sentiment quite quickly again.

Easily smarter than people and companies and governments.

Still, not very impressed.

It was not able to really teach me anything in truth.

Overall, something to be put on pause for live use for humanity for perhaps another six or seven months.

Pros and cons but ultimately it will never be a person like all us mere mortals.

It will never be able to connect with a soul.

Only God can.