Polish Army Recruitment Reaches High During Ukraine War But If President Duda Of Poland Doesn’t Improve He Will Be Clipped Next By Polish Military, NATO and Other International Official Armed Forces, Or Just Get Some New Polish President To Replace Him Another Option Quite Easy

The butchering of Russians all over Poland continues in brutal fashion during the Russia Ukraine war.

Not enough though, and not enough aggression. Good news though for the Polish military here:

Poland very impressive but not this President Duda so far.

Not enough being done against Russia in Poland and with all the new investment that can be taken away from Poland at the drop of a hat, this Duda is on thin ice now. With the people of Poland and the government.

If he does not get out of the way of what must be done and get Russians dealt with by more deporting to Russia from Ukraine and/or Poland, his term in office in Poland will come to an end shortly.

Quite easily too.

If he knows what’s good for him and his family, he will hurry up and get out of the way of what people in Poland are doing.

Moreover, Poland is set to become a new player in the big countries of Europe and this Duda is the only last thing in the way.

Make sure he gets the message today. This is a serious war in Europe and needs serious responses at this point.

If this Duda gets in the away again, get rid of him. NATO, and other countries will take a dim view of this Duda, just get rid of him then and get someone else in, he is expendable in reality at the end of the day, if he gets in the way of ending the war as quickly as possible.

By the most efficient means possible.

Russia are really on the back foot now and the global isolation is kicking in.

Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov of Russia likely will be both killed shortly in the time ahead during the war.