Fury and Wrath Across America and The World Following Attempted President Trump Indictment

The reaction amid an ongoing time of war for humanity anyway, to President Trump’s attempted indictment news a short time ago, is something never before seen.

This conveys much of the sentiment early on:


Ultimately the move will backfire on Manhattan, New York and certainly DA Alvin Bragg.

It is actually a huge win for President Trump. As State to State law often supersedes Federal law on exemptions for extradition and Florida, lead by their governor Ron DeSantis, said the State will not extradite Trump to Manhattan.

Not only that, the level of carnage and death and destruction to the US system underway now will only grow ten fold in the days and weeks ahead. The US dollar will of course fail.

Immediate and imminent death and destruction to the Biden administration is what will happen.