Mark Milley Makes Good and Bad Points On Modern United States Military and Russia War

Speaking at a Pentagon Press Conference today General Mark Milley made some good points in the war.

After spending 42 years in the US military Milley well have a well-earned retirement soon like some others also have in recent years. He said:

“In terms of the traditional elements of war you’ve got land, sea and air but now you’ve got Space and cyber too.”

He added:

“I would tell you the purpose of diversity programs, in some cases it may not be working out that way but, I can tell you. I get around the military quite a bit (pauses).”


“The military as I see it is a military that is motivated.”

He was shot down however and told China are moving ahead (correctly) because of over emphasis on diversity. As China work hard on just making a better army and appointing the best people of the job based on competence.

Whereas America being too focused on being politically correct in everything have fallen behind in:

  • Recruitment targets missed by thousands of soldiers
  • Work ethic in America not what it used to be in the military
  • Not enough unity of tasks

On Putin and Russia, Milley said on the war countries in Europe are really stepping up for Ukraine now and isolating Russia property on the continent:

“Countries are pouring their heart and soul into this. They realize how serious this war is.”