Little Rubbish Climate Change Recycling People Come To A Brutal End Worldwide, No Longer Important Anymore During War Energy Crisis, Due To Russian Oil, India Must Cut Russian Oil In 2023 Properly

All the climate change recycling rubbish people have gone very quiet recently during the war.

Why? Because of things like how Russia:

Don’t believe much of that, though.

India must continue to cut ties with Russian oil. Loads of other places to buy from like Saudis, Israel, Mexico and Canada.

As for the recycling climate change jokers, little girls, little chumps, they are done now.

They have now become completely irrelevant.

You can’t tell what the weather will be tomorrow so good luck ever getting people to believe you again when you try to tell them

The climate change recycling morons came to a brutal end in the end.

Fact remains producing traditional energy now more important than ever. That can be sensibly and not over taxed on the big energy companies who make excessive billions from energy during the war.

Giving back to citizens during the war.