Crooked Ukraine Businessman and Pro Russia Politician Whom Putin Is His Daughter’s Godfather, Tries To Impersonate Ukraine’s Number 1 Publication and Independent Media Brand

Anyone who knows anything about the war, or Ukraine, or Ukrainians, will tell you one absolute fact.

In our, and many others’ view, Ukraine’s Ukraine Pravda are the number one news source for the war in Ukraine:

It isn’t even close, in truth. They really are the best in Ukraine for the war. Nothing perfect but you won’t get much better.

We don’t say that lightly, either. That comes after about 12 months of testing Ukrainian people in many countries, relentlessly, in every way possible, observing them and studying them, even when they thought we were not, we were. Can you pass the test Ukraine? Of course you can. Liberate your country. Bring peace to many other countries in doing so.

Pravda are solid publication. They will continue to grow.

Now though, somehow, in more Russian attempts at deception, and misinformation, a crooked Ukrainian businessman and prominent pro-Russia politician, is trying to impersonate them:

The man must be dealt with in the most swift manner.

The above gives an insight into some of the shady subtle stuff going on.

Don’t be fooled.

The above must be sorted by appropriate international partners.

Now then.

Ukraine need to break up into smaller bands and battalions of small teams in Bakhmut.

Be where the enemy is not.

Think about this.

Instead of always using the element of surprise and unpredictability, do the following too.

Mix in unpredictability with being predictable sometimes too.

That will actually make you even way more unpredictable in ambushes, local raids and more.

A new way of guerilla warfare not used before. The element of surprise and traditional warfare brought together in the call of duty you now have in the new modern warfare landscape.

Unleash mayhem on the enemy Russia in all aspects.

Or just be total unpredictable mayhem merchants against them in Bakhmut.

That works too.

Each is okay.

Go get them.