Why Russia Militarily Are And Will Fail Even Worse In Ukraine War

Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin are beginning to lose militarily at a rapid rate.

This will only increase when the Spring starts due to the following:

  • Russian propaganda in Russia and internationally is not working anymore
  • It does not reflect the reality of the losses for Russia militarily
  • Nor continued decline in all Russian inventory from soldiers, weapons and architecture
  • The mobilization is much slower than Vladimir Putin thought it would be
  • Those he barely managed to recruit are untrained and not ready
  • The army is widespread reporting no salary and have no incentive to die for Putin in Ukraine
  • More East and West tanks for Ukraine and jets and defense weapons arrive in Ukraine
  • Putin lost control on the information narrative
  • The communication of the losses from Russian soldiers back to Russia does not add up with the lies of Russian TV and they cannot compete with reality of the losses
  • Russian soldiers have no medication on front lines and diseases will see them weakened
  • F-16 fighter jets continue to be sent to Ukraine to use