Russian Problem Being Taken On Head On And Responsibilities For The Greater Good Russian Military and Spies Being Bust Up and Destroyed

Some morons never learn. In times of war. Rulers must rule. The fact remains. Don’t let anyone tell you anything or get in the way. God created you to be different. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you are meant to be different and unique. All the believers around the world are.

Nothing and no one can change that. Seems to be a lot of deadly shootings in America all the time now. Unfortunately. Stop being so damn scared and fearful. This is a direct command against what God says. Nothing to be scared of. If you have God Christ Jesus he takes of you no worries. Easy. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper. Some people never learn.

On the military front, the important work in the biggest military war since WWII and responsivities of all concerned is only getting under way in the Russia Ukraine global war.

Ukraine and all global allies are tackling the problem head on now. Move forward. Advance. Fight directly. Take them on head on. Bust them up.