America Is Still A Quite Brilliant Country Despite The War and Violence in the USA The System Itself Is Just Resetting That’s All

Since the global situation in recent years it is true the new normal or normal pre pandemic and war is not coming back.

Christ Jesus is within this generation. When Russia leave Ukraine in 2023 some peace may come in many places but genuine peace can only come from the Prince of Peace, Lord and King Jesus down the road.

Who knows when. Maybe tomorrow could be a while away yet but all the signs are there.

Lots of carnage in America at the moment with shooting deaths higher than ever making domestic war in America a legitimate military topic now, sadly.

You see what happened was the banking system in America was built on too little substance.

The system is resetting now.

America will make it down the road and without doubt, as sure as night follows day, become the greatest country this world has ever seen again, the land of opportunity.

Life boils down to opportunity at the end of the day.

Yes the negative permutation of the term opportunists are prevalent these days but something not always talked about during the war economically is ‘opportunity cost’.

What would America have to give up if not trading as much with China anymore?

Most logic would wager America has a far stronger hand to China internationally, by far, actually.

China need America still much more than the other way round.

China know it.

America has to look at the big picture as the founders of the country did in the beginning.

They were thinking ahead to these times.

Strengthen all strengths.