Search Russia Ukraine War In China and You Get Concerning Results

Baidu is China’s equivalent to Googling something in China.

Baidu is one of the biggest sites in the world.

China have been shown to be ungenuine in their fake peace plan and talks for Ukraine.

Here is more proof from their State operated (like Tik Tok which needs Chinese CCP State ownership gone to survive) Baidu, which brings up in a search for ‘Russia Ukraine war’:


It brings up nothing timely or relevant.

Both top two results are sites with outdate content from 2022.

What does that clearly show and tell you?

That tells you how ungenuine China are to the people in China firstly.

About what is going on with the war in Europe.

Like Putin’s Russia can’t control Russian minds any longer, the Chinese CCP can no longer control or brainwash their population’s minds either.

China want a destroyed Russia.

How so? Why?

That’s an easy one.

They are not doing well. They then want to rob Russia of its resources and minerals.

That’s why Vladimir Putin is the junior partner in the Russia China alliance.

Russians must continue to do the good right thing, fight back against Vladimir Putin in Russia.