Jesuit False Prophet Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio Business Interests Continue To Be Crippled Internationally During Russia War As Spiritual War Sees Bergoglio Crushed Like A Bug

Without doubt, the links between Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Argentina and Russia will be examined.

During the war.

Many Catholics great genuine believers in Christ Jesus.

Nothing against them.

It is Bergoglio personally and some of his dark elements in the Vatican as an institution.

That are getting ripped apart now legally.

Private enterprise internationally can cut ties to stop doing business with any Vatican-owned or controlled companies by:

  • Divest from Vatican-owned companies. Companies can divest from Vatican-owned companies by selling their shares or other assets in these companies. This would make it more difficult for the Vatican to raise money from private investors.
  • Stop doing business with Vatican-controlled companies. Companies can stop doing business with Vatican-controlled companies by refusing to buy goods or services from these companies. This would reduce the Vatican’s income from commercial activities.
  • Lobby governments to take action against Vatican-owned companies. Companies can lobby governments to take action against Vatican-owned companies, such as imposing sanctions or passing laws that make it more difficult for these companies to operate. This would put pressure on the Vatican to divest from its business interests.

On a spiritual war note.

The Book of Revelation gospel is the times we are living in now.

This gospel is different to all the other Gospels.

Along with Gospel of John it must be prioritized now more than ever.

Genesis in Old Testament good too.

In how it links to Revelation.

There is a revival in Christianity worldwide at the moment.

If you are a real believer in Christ Jesus the truth is you are not meant to fit in.

Can’t be friends with the world’s (now failing and dying) systems, and cultures, and be a friend of God.

You are either with God or against him.

Could be tomorrow, could be 50 years, but whether you die or are raptured in this generation into the Sky to your real home and citizenship, which is only one real, true place.

Heaven and the Kingdom of God.

The fact remains, no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

It is impossible.

If you look back on your life you’ll understand why God was with you all along.


God delivers on his promises.

If you are a believer of Christ Jesus you are a chosen one.

God’s chosen people are dear to him.

Even back in King David’s Day he was chosen by God to be the King of Israel.

In pop culture of today’s times we know him as the boy who kills Goliath.

And the mighty man of God who destroys the enemies of God.

David was chosen by God but he didn’t really fit in.

As a boy his father didn’t really see the King inside him.

He went on to become King and rule however.

God meant it for you to be different if you are a genuine believer in Christ Jesus.

More people in heaven than hell in all times.

That’s the truth and reality of it.

On a war note, lets leave you with this.

One time 185,000 Assyrian soldiers were wiped out by the angel of the lord easily and instantly.

So, how powerful do you think King Jesus is?

Way, way more. Infinitely more. Obviously.

Christ Jesus laid down his life. He was not killed. Nor overpowered. Nor anyone took his life.


He chose to lay down his life and was not the victim of circumstance.

He could have easily, instantly, wiped out Pontius Pilot, his Roman Guards or Satan anytime he wanted.

That’s how powerful God is.

He is above everyone and everything.

During the 40 days and 40 nights even he could have wiped out Satan. Satan knows this.

Christ Jesus was in control of the whole situation but he let it happen for prophet purposes of God.

He managed circumstances for the fulfillment of prophecy.

Christ Jesus is still alive now. He is all around us. Everywhere. Right now. Focus on the unseen not the seen realm.

God is the only being that is omnipresent. Nothing or no one else is.

There is reason why the Revelation gospel is different to anything else in other gospels.

Jesus Christ really is king of all kings and lord of all lords. In these times he is coming back as a King, of total Power and he will be very different to how he was here in the physical realm since over 2000 years ago.

His followers, all of us, are not perfect, just forgiven. That’s the crucial point.

No one knows the day or hour he comes back, could be tomorrow, could be 50 years.

Whenever it is, real believers in him have power and authority to continue to crush the enemy.

On the military side of war.

War is war.

Ukraine the good.

Vladimir Putin’s Russia the evil.

No angels in war.