Deadly Lethal Force Militarily Authorized In Pomorskie Pomerania Poland County Puck In Time Of War Advance Quietly Silence Russian Spies Including Polish Citizens and Polish Policemen and Policewomen In Anyway A Threat In The War Big or Small To Poland or Europe Turn On The Lights Amen

As many suspected Russian spies not just of Russian nationality have been operating in places like Krakow and Pomorskie in Poland. More than anywhere in Europe no less. They must go in all their kinds it is time amen.

Unacceptable this today in Pomorskie in North Poland.

This will not be tolerated and will be dealt with quickly militarily moving forward in similar situations in Poland, and all European countries within the European Union.

Certain crooked Polish citizens/nationals, traitors of Poland, Polish policemen and policewomen in County Puck, Pomorskie Poland, will be silenced and terminated and eliminated by the military forces of Poland and countries around the world military forces working hand in hand together, turn on the lights right now on Puck County In Poland.

This report quite disturbing earlier on Russian assets in Pomorskie. Disgusting.

Move quick, silently and authorize lethality of military force to maximum effect to dispose of all threats per warfare.

We spoke about this day in advance.

Poland like all EU countries is in the war per the above and a bigger liability to all countries than most until they get rid of some crooked Poles, Polish Policemen and Police women in County Puck and Krakow, specifically.

Cut them down turn on the lights amen. Cut through also a small few Russian assets who are actually Polish nationals and Polish citizens make it so Amen. And of other nationalities Amen. No more Amen.

Do what must be done turn on the lights Amen.