Zelenskky Makes Shrewd Point To Soldiers

Ukraine’s President is aware the war is in a particularly violent point militarioly. He’s on the front lines of it too which tells you a lot. This a shrewd point to soldiers at the moment. War far from over and it will only be peace in many countries after Russia…

Russian Mercenaries Decimated In The Woods

Russian mercenaries or associates in all countries copping an unfortunate one now. Instant retribution is at hand militarily and this shows them cut down in the woods. Militarily all countries must advance on Russia now. In all aspects of their global in nature war in the modern war landscape which…

Video Reveals Drone Destructing Russian People and Vehicles

The bloodiest war since WWII is really coming to life militarily. Peace will come when Russia leave Ukraine. This video shows the silent but militarily violent drone destruction of Russian property. And people, literally. These can be used against Russians in all countries, their homes, spies homes etc. Quiet too…

Russia Global War Must Be Stopped In Its Tracks

It is the call of duty at this time of all official international military authorities and armed forces to put into action their training. Right now. Now is the time. Time for people and soldiers to stand up and be counted. Russia’s global war must be stopped. Globally. This week…

Deadly Lethal Force Militarily Authorized In Pomorskie Pomerania Poland County Puck In Time Of War Advance Quietly Silence Russian Spies Including Polish Citizens and Polish Policemen and Policewomen In Anyway A Threat In The War Big or Small To Poland or Europe Turn On The Lights Amen

As many suspected Russian spies not just of Russian nationality have been operating in places like Krakow and Pomorskie in Poland. More than anywhere in Europe no less. They must go in all their kinds it is time amen. Unacceptable this today in Pomorskie in North Poland. This will not…

Orlando Bloom Meets Zelenskyy In Kyiv

It is all happening in the Ukraine war now. The global war in so many ways. The Ukraine President has met well known actor Orlando Bloom in Kyiv. Support for Ukraine in all countries grows fast now. Amid a potent military destruction of Russia week this week in all countries.…

Ukraine Moving Fast Into EU Possibly Before End Of 2023 As The EU Are Now Already Looking At Full Accession For Ukraine, Simply Swap Russia and China Ally Hungary EU Out For Ukraine In, Move The Funding To Ukraine Instead, Remove Hungary Let Ukraine In, Easy Fix For EU Citizens

Things are moving very fast for Ukraine. Almost 75 per cent of required bureaucratic procedures complete already for the EU. So much so 2023 is a possibility for full accession per today here. The EU, European Parliament, European Commission can save themselves and European citizens a lot of money and…

NATO Condemn Putin Ukraine War Belarus Rubbish

Vladimir Putin is about to get 300,000 new NATO troops put all over Russian border countries. Whether Finland to others, NATO are seeing through him: https://www.politico.eu/article/dangerous-and-irresponsible-nato-condemns-vladimir-putin-nuclear-arms-plan-ukraine-belarus-war/ Hit Vladimir Putin turn on the lights. Advance and destruct his invaders this week. Amen.

USA and Germany Join Forces To Batter Little Kid Mutilator Vladimir Putin’s Russia

The strength of the alliance globally against Russia continues to get stronger. No one thought this possible but USA and Germany working military against Russia now: https://babel.ua/en/news/92013-escalation-the-usa-and-germany-reacted-to-russia-s-plans-to-deploy-nuclear-weapons-in-belarus Of course you also have Japan on board now against Russia. Humanitarian aid but also military aid soon too from Japan for Ukraine.…

Full Force Righteous Fury and Retribution Must Be Used Right Now Militarily To Lay Waste To, Vitiate, Shatter, Level, Dismantle and Cause More Destruction Of Russia Specifically Today Militarily and Every Day This Week

Righteous fury and retribution is being inflicted upon Russian invaders today. Cut Russia down today. Butcher Russia barbarically and every day this week. Full-force maximum guerilla warfare against Russia now. War is war militarily. Go get them. It is what must be done. All of the above, make it so,…

Norway Don’t Have Enough Electricity To Get Defense Equipment To Ukraine Due To Servers’ Storage Of Tik Tok Videos, So Either Pause Tik Tok In Norway Immediately, Get The Chinese To Use Their Own Servers In China For It, Or Remove China Ownership In Tik Tok Now During Little Children Harmer Vladimir Putin’s Russia Global War

Tik is causing havoc in taking resources for the ongoing war in Europe. And worldwide per here Norway running into delays: Get rid of Tik Tok in Norway temporarily then. Or get rid of China ownership immediately. Or send data and Tik Tok videos to China based servers. Options.

Only 1 Way To Deal With Little Child Mutilator Vladimir Putin’s Russia This Week, Militarily and By Force Only

Vladimir Putin’s Russia are copping a well-deserved military beating this week. This shows why below as Vladimir Putin is full of rubbish and not interested in peace, per here: https://kyivindependent.com/isw-putin-not-ready-for-negotiations-looks-to-achieve-complete-victory/ Ukraine must militarily only defend their nation this week. All weapons must be flooded into Ukraine now by all methods.…

More Russian Spies Caught In Slovenia, They Were Posing As An Innocent Couple With 2 Kids, Trust No One, Discernment, Test Their Spirits, Argentina and Russia Caught Again

Vladimir Putin’s Russia spy network is being dismantled globally. Latest being in Slovenia: https://babel.ua/en/news/92022-russian-spies-were-exposed-in-slovenia-they-turned-out-to-be-a-couple-with-two-children Bang. Argentina again. Paying attention at all yet? Speed. Test everything and everyone during the war. Granularly. Small details important. In all countries.

Battle Axe Ukraine Beat, Bludgeon, Cut and Chop Enemy Russia Down As UN Security Council To Have Emergency Meeting Over Spoof Artist Putin Belarus Nuke Talk

Nukes won’t happen from Putin. Guarantee. The UN Security Council are set to have an emergency meeting: https://english.nv.ua/nation/ukraine-calls-for-emergency-un-security-council-meeting-over-russia-s-plans-to-move-nukes-to-belarus-50313414.html Russia cannot chair or be on that council in any regard. The UN must remove them. Ukraine as defenders are defending. A battle axe, chopping, cutting the enemy down to pieces.

What Putin Arrest Can Look Like

Vladimir Putin is in serious trouble. Here are ways his arrest can look like in 2023: https://www.newsweek.com/what-putins-arrest-could-look-like-icc-warrant-1790144 Of course he can also be taken out in Russia. By Russians. Many options.

Russian Police Chief Vehicle Blown Up

The response against Vladimir Putin internally in Russia is immense. Now a Police Chief vehicle taken out of the equation in Ukraine: https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2023/03/27/7395196/ Fake puppet authorities not respected. Nor acknowledged or considered. Clearly.

Europe Minus Hungary Unite Against Russia

Europe as a continent and the EU is really coming alive now. To end Putin’s Russia war. This some good analysis from TVP World. Europe is uniting and getting stronger to end Putin’s Russia war. Minus the exception of Hungary. Hungary have no place in the EU or Europe under…

France Sends Ukraine 183 Tones Of Energy Tools

As more tools to the tool belt get added to Ukraine’s defense, big news. On the energy-side crucially France have sent: https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2023/03/26/7395137/ A definite change in energy in the war. For Ukraine winning more. An electric crackle in the atmosphere. The world is being shook.

Britain Fighter Jets Going To Ukraine

Fighter jets are on the way to Ukraine from everywhere. Britain doing so more per: https://www.kyivpost.com/opinion/14883 Win-win for all concerned. Get as many jets into Ukraine from Europe.

Jesuit False Prophet Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio Business Interests Continue To Be Crippled Internationally During Russia War As Spiritual War Sees Bergoglio Crushed Like A Bug

Without doubt, the links between Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Argentina and Russia will be examined. During the war. Many Catholics great genuine believers in Christ Jesus. Nothing against them. It is Bergoglio personally and some of his dark elements in the Vatican as an institution. That are getting ripped apart now…