Russian Elite Sense Putin Is Having Problems, How To Use His Mind State Against Him Now More Than Ever

Vladimir Putin continues to become less popular in Russia as the days go by.

This is interesting:

With soldiers and civil servants not being paid by Putin widely reported, they won’t protect him forever.

Here are some ways that NATO, Ukraine and allies can target Putin’s mental state and use it against him in the war:

  • Increase pressure on him. The more pressure that is put on Putin, the more likely he is to make mistakes. This can be done through economic sanctions, military pressure, and diplomatic isolation.
  • Get him to make rash decisions. If Putin is feeling paranoid and isolated, he may be more likely to make rash decisions without considering the consequences.
  • Sow discord among his advisors. If Putin is paranoid and distrustful of his advisors, he may be more likely to listen to those who tell him what he wants to hear. This could lead to him making bad decisions.
  • Get him to lose his temper. If Putin is feeling stressed and frustrated, he may be more likely to lose his temper. This could lead him to make rash decisions.
  • Use his anger against him.