How America Can Retaliate Militarily Right Now Against Iran To Iran Bombing US Bases

It is being more direct strikes on American bases in Syria are happening now.

All the time, per here.

More American life being killed all the time internationally.

Here are some ways the US must counter Iran:

The United States could retaliate against Iran in a number of ways, including:

  • Conducting airstrikes against Iranian military targets.
  • Targeting Iranian infrastructure, such as oil refineries and power plants

There are a number of things that US partners in the Middle East can do to counter Iran militarily, including:

  • Increase intelligence sharing and coordination. US partners can share intelligence on Iranian threats and activities, and coordinate their military operations to counter Iranian aggression.
  • Strengthen their own militaries. US partners can invest in their own militaries to make them more capable of countering Iranian threats.
  • Develop new technologies. US partners can develop new technologies that can be used to counter Iranian aggression, such as drones and cyberattacks.
  • Work with other countries to isolate Iran. US partners can work with other countries to isolate Iran and pressure it to change its behavior.