Russians Start Fleeing Crimea Already As They Can’t Sell Apartments There With Ukraine Retaking It Soon, Russia Reduce Ships In Black Sea, Russian Warships Shown To Have Been Near Nord Stream 2 At Time Of Explosives and 50 Units Of Russian Equipment Barbarically Butchered In 1 Single Day

Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin are in a mess.

A worsening one.

Equipment being barbarically butchered now in Ukraine:

What’s more, they are reducing ships in the Black Sea now:

All along of course it was Russia for Nord Stream 2 per:

Not only that, Russians are already leaving Crimea right now:

Russian military selling up and getting out of Crimea with their lives while they still can now:

There you go Turkey.

Lets get those Turkish Tanks and Japanese jets to Ukraine to take back Crimea.

Remember this.

The war will only end when Russia leave Ukraine.

This will happen.

Through a holistic defense approach of military, sanction and political pressures. Forcing them to do so.

A holistic defense approach of military, sanction, and political pressures is the best way to force Russia to leave Ukraine.

  1. The military pressure will help to weaken Russia’s military and make it more difficult for them to continue the war.

2. The tightening of sanctions will help to cripple Russia’s economy and make it more difficult for them to finance the war.

3. The political pressure will help to isolate Russia and make it more difficult for them to continue to receive support from other countries.