Why Shambolic Case Against Trump Is Suddenly Crumbling Before The DA Alvin Bragg’s Eyes

Somehow, some way, Donald Trump is bigger, stronger, more powerful and more popular than ever. Miraculously.

Not just in America and Mexico but also worldwide.

There are a number of flaws in the farcical case from DA Alvin Bragg against Donald Trump.

Here are few things to consider.

First, the case is based on a single, uncorroborated witness. This witness, Michael Cohen, is a convicted felon who has a long history of lying to law enforcement.

Second, the case relies on a number of assumptions that are not supported by the evidence.

For example, the case assumes that Trump knew that Cohen was making illegal payments to silence women who had alleged affairs with him.

However, there is no evidence to support this assumption.

Third, the case is politically motivated.

Bragg is a Democrat who was elected on a platform of prosecuting Trump.

This case is an attempt to fulfill that campaign promise, even though there is no evidence to support the charges.

Fourth, the case is a waste of time and resources. The Manhattan DA’s office is already overburdened with cases. This case is taking away resources from other, more important cases.

Fifth, the case is a threat to freedom of speech.

The case is based on the idea that Trump cannot criticize his accusers without committing a crime.

This is a dangerous precedent that could be used to silence other critics of the government.

For all of these reasons, the case against Trump is a farce.

It is based on unreliable evidence, it is politically motivated, it is a waste of time and resources, and it is a threat to freedom of speech.

Moreover, even a couple of days detainment for Trump will make him even more popular and powerful.

He’d coast the 2024 victory in the President Election then.

His detainment even for a couple of days would also divide America even more.

Sending the country and the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, personally, into serious pressure in travelling anywhere.

Within the United States, Mexico or internationally.