Some Of Vladimir Putin’s Personal and Military Weaknesses To Target Now

Here are maybe some of Vladimir Putin’s main weaknesses personally and in the war currently right now:

  • Personal weaknesses:
    • Putin is a very isolated and paranoid person. He has surrounded himself with yes-men and is very distrustful of anyone who disagrees with him.
    • Putin is also very arrogant and believes that he is always right. This has led him to make some very bad decisions, such as the invasion of Ukraine.
    • Putin is also very ruthless and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. This has led him to commit some very heinous acts, such as the bombing of civilians in Ukraine.
  • War weaknesses:
    • Putin has underestimated the strength of the Ukrainian resistance. The Ukrainian military has been putting up a very strong fight and has inflicted heavy casualties on the Russian forces.
    • Putin has also underestimated the strength of the international response to the invasion of Ukraine. The United States and its allies have imposed severe sanctions on Russia and have been providing Ukraine with military and humanitarian assistance.
    • Putin has also made some very strategic mistakes in the war. For example, he has failed to take control of the skies over Ukraine, which has allowed the Ukrainian military to continue to operate and inflict damage on the Russian forces.
    • Putin has also failed to secure a quick victory in the war. The war has now dragged on for over a year (not 3 days like Putin first thought) and the Russian forces have made little progress. This has led to a loss of morale among the Russian troops and has also led to a rise in public opposition to the war in Russia.