Some Of The Ways Russians and International Community Will Remove Vladimir Putin

Current Russian President Vladimir Putin is a spent force. He knows this to be true.

There are a few main ways that Vladimir Putin will be removed from power in 2023:

  • Internal coup. An internal coup is a change of leadership that takes place within a country’s own government. This could be done by a group of military officers, by a group of politicians, or by a combination of both.
  • Popular uprising. A popular uprising is a popular revolt against a government. This could be done through nonviolent protests, such as strikes and marches, or through violence, such as riots and armed rebellion.
  • Foreign intervention. Foreign intervention is when a foreign country intervenes in another country’s internal affairs. This could be done through military force, through economic sanctions, or through diplomatic means.

It is important to note that there is no guarantee that any of these methods would be successful in removing Vladimir Putin from power.

However, they are all possible options that should be considered.

The best way to remove Vladimir Putin from power would be through a combination of internal and external pressure.

The Russian people need to rise up and demand change, and the international community needs to impose sanctions and provide support to the Russian opposition.

Sanctions that not only work now but last long-term.

Until restitution is paid to Ukraine by parts of Russia and full justice served.