How US DOD Can Improve Military Policy and Budget Allocation Right Now During A Time Of War In Civilization

The Russia invasion of Ukraine in 2022 transparently set off war.

The biggest war since WWII the planet has seen.

Prompting other talks of wars and direct engagements in many countries.

The US DOD can improve some policy, military doctrine and budget allocation at this time right now by:

  • Focusing on long-term threats. The US DOD focus on long-term threats, such as China and Russia, and not get bogged down in short-term conflicts. This will require the DOD to make investments in new technologies and capabilities that will give it a long-term advantage.
  • Developing a more flexible and agile military. The US DOD develop a more flexible and agile military that is able to adapt to changing threats. This will require the DOD to invest in new training and doctrine that will allow it to fight wars in multiple domains, such as space and cyberspace.
  • Reducing bureaucracy and waste. The most important point of all. The US DOD reduce bureaucracy and waste to free up resources for more important priorities. This will require the DOD to streamline its operations and make better use of its resources.