How To Finally Ruthlessly Blitz European Banking Corruption Once and For All During Russia War

Yes, the blitzkrieg surprise tactic of a professional hitman job by global allies against Russia and their small few allies is really coming along now.

Very well during the Russia war now.

When Russia loses their war the world will reset in the right ways. Ultimately. Destroying the old complex systems to create a brand new more balanced system for more people.

Ultimately, true peace will only come then when Jesus Christ, King of all Kings, returns to Earth in this generation.

Whether tomorrow or 50 years time. No one knows the day or the hour.

European banks are in meltdown like many banks around the world.

Here are a few ways on how to create a new, better, and more sensible banking system in Europe:

  • Create a single European banking system: A single European banking system would create a more stable and efficient financial system. It would also make it easier for businesses to get the loans they need to grow.
  • Introduce new regulations: New regulations could be introduced to strengthen the banking system and to protect consumers. For example, banks could be required to hold more capital and to have better risk management systems.
  • Encourage innovation: Innovation could be encouraged in the banking sector. For example, new technologies could be used to make banking more efficient and to provide better services to customers.
  • Promote financial inclusion: Financial inclusion could be promoted by making it easier for people to access financial services. For example, banks could be required to offer basic banking products to all customers.
  • Increase transparency:¬†Transparency could be increased in the banking sector. For example, banks could be required to publish more information about their financial performance and their risk management systems.

There are many elements in European banking that need to have corruption exposed. Some of the most important elements include:

  • Lending practices: European banks have been accused of lending money to corrupt officials and businesses. This has helped to fuel corruption and poverty in developing countries.
  • Money laundering: European banks have been accused of laundering money for corrupt officials and businesses. This has helped to hide the proceeds of corruption and to make it difficult for authorities to investigate and prosecute corruption cases.
  • Tax evasion: European banks have been accused of helping corrupt officials and businesses to evade taxes. This has deprived governments of billions of dollars in revenue that could be used to fund essential services.
  • Bribery: European banks have been accused of paying bribes to secure contracts. This has led to higher prices for goods and services and has made it difficult for businesses to compete fairly.
  • Fraud: European banks have been accused of committing fraud against customers. This has led to customers losing money and has made it difficult for people to trust banks.

To achieve this during the war, many banks will simply have to fold.

And hit the block.

The chopping block.

New disruptive technologies and start-ups will flourish.

Establishment will come to an end in many aspects.