How The UK Must Respond To Russia Threat To Wipe Entire Country Off The Map

Some Russian lawmakers have during the war now threatened individual countries.

In the global alliance against Putin and Russia.

One saying Russia should wipe the UK off the map entirely.

The UK will react to Russian threats to wipe the UK off the map with a combination of strength and diplomacy of that strength.

On the strength side, the UK continue to provide Ukraine with military assistance, including weapons and training.

The UK also increase its own military readiness and deploy additional troops to Eastern Europe.

On the diplomatic side, the UK work with its allies to impose further sanctions on Russia and to isolate Russia from the international community.

The UK’s goal be to deter Russia from further aggression and to protect the UK and its allies from Russian threats.

Strength is important because it shows Russia that the UK is willing to defend itself and its allies.

Diplomacy of peace through strength, the only thing that actually works in war, is important because it allows the UK to communicate its goals and intentions to Russia.