A Few Weaknesses In China Military To Exploit and Crush Like A Bug Right Now

China’s military has been growing in size and sophistication in recent years, but it still faces some weaknesses.

These include to target right now:

  • Lack of experience. The Chinese military has not been involved in a major conflict since the Korean War in the 1950s. This lack of experience could make it difficult for the Chinese military to perform well in a major conflict.
  • Weak air and naval capabilities. The Chinese air force and navy are still relatively weak compared to those of the United States and its allies. This could make it difficult for China to project power beyond its borders.
  • Logistical problems. China’s military is a vast organization with a lot of moving parts. It can be difficult to keep all of these parts working together effectively. This could lead to logistical problems in a major conflict.
  • Political interference. The Chinese military is under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. This means that political considerations can sometimes interfere with military decision-making. This could make it difficult for the Chinese military to respond effectively to a major crisis.

Despite these weaknesses, China’s military is a powerful force that should not be underestimated. That said, nor should it be overestimated. Weaknesses are there to exploit, target, hit and crush.

So crush them like a bug.

The Chinese government is investing heavily in its military and is working to address some of its weaknesses.

It is likely that China’s military will try to grow in strength in the years to come.

However, until China cut ties with Vladimir Putin and Russia, they will continue to see their nation decline compared to what they thought would happen.

More and more.

Faster and faster as the days go by, too.