Woke and Wokeness, Whatever They Even Meant, Reaches Its Peak On March 23rd 2023 and Comes To A Brutal End During The War With Scientific American Publication Using Its Own COVID Science Against Itself

What goes up must come down. The term ‘woke’ or ‘wokeness’ today on March 23rd, 2023 has officially plateaued and reached as high as it will ever go today.

After this it is all downhill for ‘woke’ and ‘wokeness’ (whatever that rubbish even meant anyway that divided so many people) from here:

Wokeness Comes To A Brutal End During The War As Scientific American Publication Uses Its Own Covid Science Against Itself

No logic. No sense. That’s that then. Woke and wokeness in the end was simply inviolable rubbish.

The hunt for Dr. Fauci and investigations will be intense in 2023. Congrats Dr. Fauci. First prize.

During the ongoing war and talks of wars in different regions internationally.