Trump Jury Mysteriously Not Able To Meet In Surprise Delay As Trump Somehow Becomes Bigger and More Popular Than Ever In America, Mexico and Internationally

Somehow, some way, Donald Trump out of nowhere, is bigger, more popular than ever.

Mexico and their President, Mike Tyson and big names around the world supporting him in recent days in a wave of worldwide Trump support, now there has been a mysterious delay as Biden gets hammered:

If Trump is detained for one or two days it will play into his hands even more.

What’s more, is internationally Trump is growing as the Biden administration implodes due to China links with Joe Biden’s family at the worst possible time with the new China Russia alliance amid ongoing war.


Alvin Bragg could bring down the entire US system, government and country with even a few days detainment of Trump with Mexico’s support in recent days with so many Mexicans living in America and visa versa, at the worst time possible for America too, as so many shootings happen only recently in Miami the latest.

During the domestic American war zone environment at this time.

Total carnage.

Particularly during the impending banking meltdown across the country too in the end of complex systems.

Authorities will fall.

Pure carnage.

Joe Biden’s administration has lost control now.

Complete carnage.

Joe Biden is in serious, serious trouble now.

Escalating carnage.

Joe Biden will be dealing with America’s meltdown on a level never seen before.

100% carnage.