Minister Of Defense For Netherlands Kajsa Ollongren At NATO Airbase and European Fighter Jet Base In Eindhoven Says They Are Ready To Fight Russia

Earlier in Eindhoven some big news on air defense in Europe for Ukraine and fighter jets brought about.

NATO Europe started off by saying regarding the ability of the new Multinational Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft fleet, at the Eindhoven Air Base, in The Netherlands by saying:

“I think that what you are seeing here, the Netherlands air force air mobility command and also of course the European capital of military air transport, is what we would call, a solid, international, hub.

She added:

“We have a base here in Eindhoven but also in Cologne.”

She went on to say:

“This unit was ready (to fight) when called upon on the 24th of February last year. The year that Russia chose to invade Ukraine.”

Get F-16 fighter jets from NATO Europe from Cologne and Eindhoven to Ukraine now.

It is time.

All the new bases and budgets from NATO Europe cannot be stalled any longer.

This is the week to really proceed in pushing the Russian invaders back.