As Hungary Try To End The EU and Ukraine Why Don’t The EU Cut All Hungarian EU Funding And Transfer To Jet Sending Nations Soon Like Poland And Italy and Give Back To EU Citizens During The War

There is so many things the EU can do for Ukraine and EU citizens at the moment.

To make all of Europe stronger and more prosperous. Made up of sovereign nations in Europe.

Hungary are trying to end not only Ukraine but the EU.

Emergency times call for emergency rapid responses:

  • Cut all Hungarian funding from the EU instantly
  • Incentivize Poland and Italy by transferring to their countries instead contingent on more help for Ukrainian refugees and getting nations to get more military weapons into Ukraine including more fighter gets
  • EU saves money
  • Gives back to EU citizens and Europe and Ukraine during the war
  • Problem solved
  • Can also add minimal taxes only to the huge billion profiteer energy companies
  • EU can do all this quite quickly and easily this week too
  • Make it happen
  • Speed