Why Things Are Backfiring On Putin

Vladimir Putin’s Russia Ukraine war is one of global catrostrophe for all the nations.

It is not going to plan for him even quicker for him over time due to the following:

  • Secondary sanctions from the US and allies have not even being started yet on people doing business with Russia and Putin (such as secondary sanctions on China, Iran and Hungary)
  • This would not be in China’s best interests if it were to happen
  • He is now silently mobilsing smaller numbers of about 20,000 per month
  • Far less than previously though in drips and drabs with no military training
  • Seeing public support fade in Russia all the time for him and his war
  • More young Russians fighting back against him and leaving Russia
  • Moldova takeover and puppet government interfering did not work
  • Ukraine getting more trained on new weapons and more experience in combat
  • New weapons coming to Ukraine all the time for defense
  • His own media cannot defend him anymore less and less
  • His Russian oil is going to be choked soon as Israel has struck new oil and gas and more will flock from around the world including the Saudis to get more oil there instead of Russia