Slovakia Get Discount On Security Purchases From US After Jets For Ukraine Move

Those choosing the United States as a security partner now have a financial and economic carrot and incentive to do so.

As well as extra security for their nations, smaller ones near tyrants often, receive discounts on military purchase and Slovakia have got the following on new helicopters:

Poland and Slovakia the first to get to jets to Ukraine.

The EU must release funds to Italy immediately so they can also join the European alliance sending jets to Ukraine.

Many others including Finland, the UK (who are sending air units of some kind soon it is understood too), the Nordic Countries, Netherlands and Japan and others in the East can see the benefits of the above now, too.

The EU and European Parliament can divert funds from Hungary to EU countries on an emergency faster basis to those helping build a better Europe together.

Without Putin’s Russia and Hungary.

And save EU citizens by doing this and also in some minor aspects tax the mega billions from energy companies while letting them still earn hugely, while giving back to European citizens and build a better Europe in the future.

One of sovereign nations with stronger borders that never should have let this mess from Putin and Russia happen in the first place.

They took their eye off the ball.

At least they are getting back on the horse now and making things good and right.

Germany, France, EU and NATO must coordinate together more, and talk more with Turkey in particular.