NATO and World’s Happiest Country Finland Must Be Strong For Europe During Military War

Its easy to see why Finland was voted the happiest country in the world recently amid the external mayhem of war on the planet.

Nice people, simple life not complex, awesome leader in Sanna Marin and they seem similar mentality to Ukrainians in their future vision of Europe. Nordics mostly always good people this important from NATO:

More innovation needed from NATO too in Europe on this:

They have the tools, budgets and brains and manpower, so use them.

A better Europe for all without child mutilator Vladimir Putin’s Russia and his ally China.

Turkey must see now Putin is on his last days and must support NATO and get even a few Turkish tanks into Europe in the time ahead to take back Crimea in Ukraine for Ukraine.

NATO to secure all border countries with Russia, Belarus and Putin ally Hungary, with the EU to get rid of the latter from the EU.

Or cut all their funds immediately and send them to Ukraine for restitution during the war.

Ukraine far less corrupt than Orban’s Chinese and Putin allied country.

By far.