Mexican President Sides With Trump Against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg

As not only Americans and people across the world leap to the defense of Donald Trump in some spurious attempt at minor charges from Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg during the war, and escalating wars in States in America, the timing of this from Mr. Bragg for the country could not come at a worse time.

When Americans need to unite more pressure on Alvin now even from neighbors Mexico and the Mexican President who backs Trump which may surprise many as a socialist vs capitalist difference in governance styles between the two:

Mr. Bragg must realize he will only play into Trumps, his supporters and global supporters hands even more, if only a couple of days detainment for Trump.

He will be bigger than ever after that. New York and America would be even more divided and out of control then.

The shootings in Miami Florida in Spring Break would pale in comparison to what may happen. No one wants that.

Moreover, Mr. Bragg must weigh up with scales on balance, and realize, the wider context of his actions as the United States must be united not divided, as the Biden administration did their best to do that during the war so far.

Particularly with the crisis on the Mexican border and so many Mexicans living in the US and visa versa, the above will put not only place Alvin Bragg in huge pressure in New York and anywhere he goes across the country, but also in Mexico too now.

At the end of the day, no one is perfect, united you stand, divided you fall.

Peace wins, fear loses.