Without Warning Or Reason Ireland Data Protection Commissioner Offices Dublin Become Legitimate Legal Military Target During Time Of War For International Authorities Not Only On Continent Of Europe Turn On The Lights On It and Two Men By The Names Of Ashley L. Lyon and Conor S. Hogan Immediately In Ireland Amen

For some time now international authorities and global military forces in an alliance against Chinese and Russian aggression have been keeping tabs on GDPR in Europe and how often Putin ally China and Russia themselves use the Data Protection Commission in Dublin, Ireland to evade their ongoing war crimes since the war, the biggest since WWII, began in 2022.

No more.

Tik Tok owned by China opening up offices in Ireland this year will not happen during the war unless they want the war to come to there (more than it already is) or unless the State of China cease ownership fully in Tik Tok.

Without reason, and without warning, the Data Protection Offices not only by the armed forces of the United States and NATO, but others in the East will narrow in worldwide and focus on turning the lights on today on the following two men with offices to be military determined for destruction or other legal purposes should they get out of line during the war or in anyway, at all, get on the wrong side of the military legal action in the war, without delay:

  • Ashley L. Lyon
    Executive Officer
  • Conor S. Hogan
    Higher Executive Officer
  • Data Protection Commission 21 Fitzwilliam Square South Dublin 2 D02 RD28 Ireland

Official international military authority and official organization enemies now. These two men made the biggest mistake of their lives recently and are about to find out today you don’t get on the wrong side of some people, and that God is control and rules this world and dirtbags no longer not get away with corruption, nor bring Ireland into a global war that can see it destroyed as a State, within a timeframe of 48 hours through controlled military explosives and bombs on said offices and country, if further deemed to be using GDPR and Data Protection Commissions, to shield and/or not limited to protect Russian or Chinese assets used in the ongoing war.

Under military doctrine in international law during times of war.

Question these offices and people relentlessly, smash through anything you must to get to the truth of this Tik Tok and GDPR scam stuff and transfer of data from Ireland/Europe to outside of Europe, the United States and China, far East etc. Follow the money and paper trail. They can do absolutely nothing about it either.

So be it.