If Experts In Banking The Swiss Can’t Save Their Banks What Makes European Central Banks Think They Can By Any Logic Corrupt Institutions At Center Of Bank Fraud Irish Banks and Central Bank Of Ireland GDPR Europe Hub Must and Will Fall

Burn the bondholders. You think the Swiss who are the world’s experts in banking who can’t save their banks like this:


And this:


That European regulators in the EU project this week can get central banks to save theirs?

Do us a favor.

GDRP and banking system corrupted to the core and toxic banks in GDPR and data all located in Europe during the war in Irish banks and Irish central bank.

Gut them like a fish, rip them apart, same with their Data Protection Office protecting China and Russian interests in Europe during the war.

Turn on the lights on them.

Create something better for the masses and the people next time.

Not just a few elites and so forth.

A better new system has to be created by destruction of the old one.

The only way to move forward.

Out with the old and in with the new.

For the betterment of Europe to secure itself from future aggression from Russia, Iran, China and other nefarious players like Hungary.

This was can and will never happen again like this.

We don’t think so.

Not for the people and humanity.

Not everyone but it is for the majority.