How AI Will Meet Its Limits In Years Ahead In Both Military Use and Humanity Use Due To Not Being Able To Connect With Soul Of A Human Being As Nothing or No One Can Match or Ever Will Replace God Nor Remove God From Society Because It Is Impossible To Do So

It is safe to say, who knows when, could be tomorrow but likely within 50 years, Jesus Christ, God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, will return to end all wars on Earth.

Bring 100 per cent perfect peace and unity of civilization then.

Until then, AI will try to help humanity and may help in some areas but ultimately this very important note on AI today from America goes into it on how it will meet its match with God.

Why that is?

Because AI will not be able to connect with the Holy Spirit.

That’s why.

You cannot deny the Holy Spirit.

Alas, on a machine vs man note, it has been some years now maybe since Kasparov faced off and beat the machine.

Man is not machine.

AI, open AI or variations of AI will not be able to replace God ultimately.

As God created all things and beings in creations and is always in control and has the final word.


Since the beginning when it all began (and before that too) in Genesis in the reference point of today’s times.