General Patrick Ryder Of The Pentagon Reacts To Japan Support Of Ukraine and Pentagon Makes Important Change In US Strategy Moving Forward

General Patrick Ryder of the Pentagon while being open and transparent was to the point and concise in his responses as usual today.

Similar to Kirby.

Maybe Kirby gives a little more away to reporters.

That said, both are excellent and a credit to the United States, Pentagon and the growing global security alliance for a new rules based international order.

Same with Sabrina Singh of the Pentagon who is also excellent in her job, hat tip.

Speaking on Japan’s PM visit to Ukraine he said:

“I do think broadly speaking this is again (Japan support of Ukraine) is demonstrative of the international community’s support for Ukraine and demonstrating the kind of activities that Russia has taken including invading its sovereign neighbor, is unacceptable.”


“I do think it is significant and we do continue to appreciate Japan and other countries’ support of Ukraine when it comes to securing a rules based international order.”

Speaking on sustainability of success for Ukraine, he added wisely:

“Retaking territory as part of any offensive will be important while also being able to sustain those gains in the future.”

He went on to say there has been some expedited movement on certain things to Ukraine in defense as regards training and delivery of training for Ukrainians on many of the equipment’s.

Noting they trained faster than he thought they would. Given their willingness.

However, he crucially did something that we personally thought was quite appropriate and chose his words more specifically.

In that, he would not get into time frames at all for delivery of different defense tools to Ukraine anymore. Under promise and over deliver. Always best way to do it. Murphy’s law.

This is important for both the US, NATO, Japan, and all armed global forces against Putin’s Russia and China, too, at the same time.


As you cannot let publicly known the type of weapons all the time in the war, how they are planned to be used, how logistically they will get there, when and how many of them.

These variables must be slightly left open to change anyway due to the changing nature of the war, while still consistent overall strategy to end the war.

Repel the Russians and/or remove Putin and let Ukraine then negotiate a deal after the invaders have left.

Don’t give this away and keep quiet, along the way, in terms of delivery dates – was a nice change.

Subtle but an important strategy change by the Pentagon moving forward.

Thrive in silence.

Excellent in increments.

Moreover, the Ukrainians seem to be very ready to use everything they are being given which shows the training is more than working.

That’s very good.

Furthermore, he used both a short-term and long-term view of securing the parameters and borders of Ukraine in his thinking.

In the context and time frame of when speaking on what happens when Ukraine reclaims its nation and how they can hold onto that after.

The iron dome defense system with all countries combined pooled air defense resources of anti-missile defense in Ukraine is the way to do this.

It will ensure Ukraine’s smooth joining of the EU and NATO once they win the war in 2023.

Repelling Putin’s invaders back to Russia.

Freeing their country first and then negotiating a deal with Russia after that.