Deadly Violence and Shootings Cause Deaths In Miami Florida On Spring Break In American War Zone City Declare State Of Emergency

Although Donald Trump was wrong about Russia, in that he is seeing just how much of an enemy today and in the days and weeks ahead that they and China are, of America, and the free world, he was quite right about something recently.

America’s biggest enemy is itself with the divided nature of the country that during the war has seen deadly shootings again killing civilians break out in Miami, Florida during Spring Break:

More here:

State of Emergency declared in the city here:

Unfortunately, gents, we talked about this day in advance, did we not?

They are literally shooting into random crowds in Florida now.

The United States will need to authorize martial law shortly from the Armed Forces as cities degenerate into domestic war and consistent lethality of shootings and death violence executed on a growing scale now.

War is happening on an active ongoing basis not just from Russia but it is spreading now clearly in the world.

No one can deny that.

Official military armed forces in the alliance with Ukraine, NATO and others, growing worldwide all the time, not only against Putin and China, but against their indirect or direct small number of allies in other nations and from others, must deter with more strong moves.

Peace through strength the only way.

There is no other way in times of war under military doctrine.

That’s the reality of it. That’s the truth.

In the future however the future is bright for America and there will be peace and unity.

For sure.

Biden administration let all this happen at the end of the day.