Biden Administration, State Department and DOD’s Weakness and Slowness In Procurement and Action Has Allowed China To Push America Out Of Some Commercial Aspects Of Middle East – However US Still Doing Well in Asia – Israel’s New Oil and Gas Goldmine Breakthrough Means New Supplier Of Oil and Energy For The World Ending Russian Oil In 2023 For Good

Some very good analysis going on at the moment regarding China.

Clearly a dangerous State to the world and this very worth reading on the Middle East:

Good by Gordon, but also, consider this.

More of a business thing for some in the Middle East as opposed to military relevant.


Well, basically China won’t launch war anywhere as they be hammered quickly by the partners of not only America but other allies in the East and West.

China want a destroyed Putin and Russia to use their resources.

As Russian oil will be not relevant in 2023 after their war and people like China, and others, will buy oil in the Middle East.

Israel will also have a lot of oil to sell at some point also which no one is talking about yet, that will make Putin and Russia even more irrelevant, and end the war even quicker…

Saudis and Israel getting closer, are you paying attention yet, why do you think this is, okay then, exactly, you’re welcome:

More on the brand new fresh Israel oil and gas here for countries around the world to buy from Israel: