100,000 Ukrainians Live In China 6,000 Chinese In Ukraine

Not many realize a lot of facts about the Ukraine China relations.

Particularly as it is being shown China ship rifles, drones to Russia and are allies of Putin:


The 6000 Chinese in Ukraine need to be closely all checked. One by one.

Same for business dealings of the Ukrainians in China. Those 100,000 can be a positive or a negative in China, whichever way Ukraine use them and find their motive.

God sees the hearts of all people. Best to look for the spirit of discernment when going through Ukrainian Chinese businesses that maybe in China for the last 10 to 20 years.

Remember now, Putin and China have been planning all this for a long-time…

What industries overlap, go over the numbers between Ukrainian and Chinese bank account business transactions over the last 10 to 20 years.

Follow the money and check wife’s bank accounts as sometimes Ukrainian traitors may change the name of assets and banks in China to try to get away from their help potentially of China and Russia over there.

Use the SWIFT financial system to do this. They have not blocked Chinese accounts but have Russian accounts.

Check the Chinese serial numbers of relevance.