Thanks To The China Money Receiving Biden Family and Administration America Divided – As Biggest Enemies To USA and International Order China and Russia More United Than Ever – Trump Proved Right Yet Again On China

Joe Biden’s own son last week admitted to receiving payments from China in access of one million US dollars.

Not only that, China, who are an ally to Russian President Putin, who is engaging the largest military war since the second world war on the continent of Europe, are closer with him than ever as per here.

Thank Joe Biden for this mess.

As Donald Trump news is used as a distraction Joe Biden’s administration is getting America absolutely trashed at the moment worldwide.

A dark day during the war for the woeful ability of diplomacy and military strength by America.

Both of which are too weak and would have never happened if not for this administration.

Companies with Russian ties even trying to purchase US media companies now.

America is a mess and the weakness of the State Department, DOD and The White House all responsible for further consequences they will see.


Not a strong enough response to Russia or China.

Peace through strength the only way to go.