Russia Will Be Divided Up Into Different Parts After Years Of Isolation For Biggest War Of 21st Century

As time goes on, Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin continues to get shut off from the vast majority of nations of the world.

Russian oil is being choked and will be the main way Putin comes to an end, as does Russian oil in 2023.

Ultimately, Russia will need to be divided up into different parts after they leave Ukraine in 2023.

The parts where most war crimes originate from will pay the most in restitution to Ukraine under whatever new leadership forms in 2023 in Russia.

After Putin.

It will be at least three or four years of sanctions (similar but worst than the ones that worked in Iran) and global isolation of Russia.

Until they pay for their war in Ukraine and war criminals brought to justice.

After that, the good people of Russia who left Russia may return to Russia someday post Putin’s now collapsing empire.