Little Children Mutilator Putin Sees Russia Isolated Worldwide As Charity Floods Ukraine With New Partnership Thriving

You see a lot of morons who claim to believe in God Jesus Christ about these days and tithing 10 per cent of their income, we will be checking that too (yes do so to a real believing fellowship not necessarily a church), that’s great, but many of them are con artists who are being exposed soon during the war. See all the churches, pastors and so forth getting locked up during the war at the moment and affiliated with Russia in different countries? Are you paying attention at all yet to anything?

Not these lot though below, Ukraine are the modern day church to tithe to in our view, as they are on the front lines of fighting evil from Putin and this a great new charity to help Ukrainian kids specifically.

As Putin has targeted little children more than any other war in history in all aspects. He is the worst of them all, worse than Hitler.

The above UNICEF needs more due diligence but even though part of the declining UN (who’s Security Council still has Russia on it), maybe worth a donation and not tithing to dirt bag scam churches or fake non profits and charities exploiting the war or affiliated with Putin’s shrinking network of dirtbags.

United24 are spot on too in Ukraine with how every penny is spent of their non profit/charity.

Some of these churches and charities getting destruction to their properties at the moment deserve it.

A few beatings here and there for some priests, policemen, emergency men paramedics and scam artist doctors etc. won’t do them any harm. Few punches for some judges, prosecutors and lawyers happening more and more now not reported too. They get the message now. Corruption is not tolerated by anyone. God hammers evil. Good always wins. Dirtbags if affiliated with evil, Putin and his war associates in different countries deserve it. No time for those small few degenerates. More good than bad people alas. Hammer the bad. Be kind to the good. Can’t stand even looking at the fearful small few bad people anymore, you can see the terror in their eyes whether policemen or men of combat. Army people are always the best people, always the way, always were and always will be. Genuine to the bone most of them thank God.

As the days go by you’d lose faith in some humanity a little more each day that passes by when surrounded by the filth and dirt of Russia/war.

Scam artists.

Help the genuine people at the end of the day.

Those who deserve it.

Not everyone can come with you to the top.

More good than bad though.

Ukraine will be seeing their nation win the war this year, guaranteed.

100 per cent.