Japan and NATO Deliver Big For Turkey As NATO Looks To Get 300,000 Troops Near Russian Border Countries The Turkish President Must Now Make An Important Move

NATO have out of nowhere come on very strong in European unity and security indeed.

Not only that, Japan, good old Japan, when you least suspect it, have linked up with NATO for Turkey too:


Bolstering international peace and security in a time where Putin’s Russia are trying to destabilize it.

With Finland soon to be in NATO following Turkey and Hungary set to leave them in, NATO are set to strengthen border countries of NATO members near Russia soon with 300,000 troops:


The self-appointed leader of Belarus Lukashenko must cut ties with Putin immediately as those 300,000 will crush him within seconds if he tries anything on any border with Ukraine.

Belarus soldiers don’t want to fight for him either. They must continue standing up to him as too must Russians keep fighting Putin.

Turkey can now easily see there is no risk in getting tanks to Ukraine with everyone else shortly to get Crimea and Donbas fully into Ukraine.

Not least the fact they can spare some of the Turkish tanks in their vast military fleet that even includes this fighter jet now:


Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Netherlands and many others from NATO can get jets to Ukraine too for minimal cost and maximum return for their nations as Putin’s time in power comes to an end in 2023.

Great news for Turkey and the free world all in all.

Turkey must put aside differences with the Biden administration (whom must support Turkey more) and do what is right for Turkey, NATO, Ukraine and the free world, including America, with all the above. Get Turkish tanks that are spare quietly into Ukraine Tayyip Erdoğan.

It is the good right honorable thing to do for Turkey, NATO, Europe, Ukraine and our shared planet all together against Putin and his outnumbered small number of allies worldwide.

No risk now.

It is what must be done.

It is time.