All Hands To Deck Ukraine and Allies Must Be Vigilant For Remaining Russian Hypersonic Missiles By Counter Striking Launch Bases In Sea Strike First

Be sober and vigilant in these times as many are expecting some fierce fighting in the time ahead not just in Bakhmut.

Of course Crimea and the Donbas regions and others too, of course, take no chances. Keep guard up. Have the peace internally during the external mayhem of the world in war times.

Seemingly the ultra expensive weapons, that Putin has wasted a Russian fortune on, hyper sonic missiles, can still be countered.

So counter them. All things possible.

Contrary to reports some can be shot down and Ukraine must be ready.

Surely, though, as storms thwart Putin’s battleships in some sea regions at this time, it buys time for the defenders against these type of missiles coming from sea and other battleships assailing and other cohorts occupied regions.