US Military Central Command and US Africa Command On What American Public Don’t Know About China Threats

US Military Central Command and US Africa Command On What American Public Don't Know About China Threats

The Military in the US have had a lot of important discussions right now on their site.

They are talking about US defense and international defense but China the main thing today from the Africa and Central US military command we noted.

Some of the comments between Senators and generals from both policy and balanced military interaction noted.

Very interesting to see how policy and regulators make policy in language easy to understand for military.

Between Senator Scott and Rosen, some topics on China (not including Afghanistan being pulled out of in a disaster and enemies in Russia and Iran, shockingly disregarding America recently) – some notes:

(Senator speaking to the generals in the military) The decisions that were made don’t seem to make much sense (in Afghanistan). (On China however) What does the American public not know about China? What do they need to know about China that they don’t know right now, that would have a positive impact on spending resources in Africa or anywhere in the world?

You have no idea on how much they have closed the gap on you (The American people) and their technology. I also think they don’t have an understanding how much they have penetrated into the Middle East in terms of their economic, military and tech instruments of power.

Another general added:

I agree. China… We have enjoyed for a number of years a decisive over match but that gap is closing because of China’s advancements or stealing of technology.

Even in the economic realm, as they are trying to harvest a lot of critical minerals on the continent of Africa.

Also on changing the international order and international system, as they try to get countries to vote or abstain on what is not international norms often (in international voting organizations hinting at the UN), that are not the right thing (to do), whether mining or human rights, as they commit some of those atrocities back in China often…

On Iran, the generals noted:

Iran is the number one malign actor in the Middle East. The latest attack we had was around 60 hours ago on one of our bases in Syria.

Rockets in increasingly longer range and more accurate (are a threat from Iran). Just recently we had attacks on bases from Iranian drones in the Middle East.

On Russian influence in South Africa, General Langley said:

South Africa, they have been a good partner. We are building that relationship. I have to assure them in actions that we are the partner of choice.

  • Good points all round but main takeaway we took was US not doing enough in Middle East, South America (Argentina) and places like South Africa where Putin and Russia, and the PRC in China are trying to poison. USA must do a better job in these places. Same in Israel, USA must work better with new Israeli administration with more rapid innovation, AI and emerging tech that they will have access to. America must work even closer with Israel now. They are far more advanced and smarter in many ways than America, China and Russia all put together. USA must work hand and hand even closer with Israel in coming months.
  • Also both generals agreed that foreign partners in America losing confidence in the US due to the slowness in delivery of weapons procurement, logistics and delivery due to American slowness.
  • China is making inroads because of this in some being swayed to go with them as new security partners.
  • America not fast enough anymore. Not united enough. Poor recruitment. Too divided. Leadership in military good but pay is poor for regular workers and the young people in America are disillusioned with their country. Must give young people more hope as Biden administration terrible and the State Department and DOD are working with bad workers at White House and Biden administration causing all the rubbish.