Trump Makes An Objectively Relevant Point On Europe and EU’s Response To Russia War

America have done more than enough so far for Ukraine and then some.

No more blank cheques is right from America, as the vast amount of money in 2023 and weapons on the way will be more than enough to crush Putin. What has been agreed now, just get the things there at this point. That said, Donald Trump made a good point here:

In surprise, Trump goes after DeSantis on policy

The EU and Europe can match what America are spending or spend even more. He’s right on that. 100 per cent.

That said, Donald Trump, you should also know something you were very wrong on.

Hungary are the scum of Europe now and that Orban no good. He is a liability not just to Europe but America as well. He must go.

Hungarians have stopped Europe trying to spend more on Ukraine not just once, three times.

Hungary and Hungarians like Russia and Russians are becoming isolated in Europe. This summer will be brutal in Europe for those two groups of people specifically across Europe.

Moreover, morons like Google have not helped Europe either as a company during the war in Europe.

It is more in Europe’s interests on the whole, sure, as Ukraine will be joining the EU. That still makes it in America’s interests though as Russia hate America and are enjoying the carnage happening to your banking system now. Russia are a serious enemy of America and you are a fool Trump if you do not see that. Yes, China are much stronger and Russia are no longer a super power, can see where you might be coming from, now (a year into the war as Russia has been vastly reduced as a nation globally).

Not enough effort from Europe really, overall, as the war is spreading due to Russian nationals still being in European countries too.

And the abuse of some Ukraine refugees who are really for Russia and Putin.

Europe must clean up the mess.

If Putin was not still around and if Germany had not created him with the oil money, none of this would have happened.

NATO Europe and Germany have more than enough budget and EU can tax energy companies more, taking some of their huge billions of profits and sending the money to EU citizens and also Ukraine to help repair it and end the war.