Russia Taunt Americans As SVP Bank Collapses

The time is happening during the Russia war where complex systems are collapsing.

The SVP bank collapse is just the beginning of the fall of law makers, authorities, banks and laws that are all failing in a system that doesn’t work anymore.

Russia have taken the chance to say of the collapse of American banks:

The Biden administration’s weakness has allowed for all this mess in the planet, including the war.

Peace and deterrence through strength the only way.

A US military drone yesterday intercepted by Russia is the last straw.

America have to hit back or face the entire collapse of America.

The US army is getting weak and so is the country.

They must start directly helping allies in Europe more against Russia.

The banks collapsing in America is just the beginning.

Americans are a pity at the moment.

The system is getting absolutely smashed and pounded to pieces.

Rulers, laws, law makers, authorities and more are all breaking and folding.


God said this would all happen in the Bible.

As usual, no surprises.

Nothing is a surprise to followers of Christ Jesus in these times.

This offers maybe some insight into the times we are living through.

This too maybe about the rapture. King Jesus is coming soon no one knows the day or the hour. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe 10 years but he will return. 100 per cent.